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Congratulations, a customer from Nigeria has purchased an egg carton making machine from us! We have egg tray machines with different outputs to make different forms of egg trays. The customer chose the 1500pc/h egg tray machine, which has high efficiency and can meet the needs of small and medium-sized egg tray makers. The customer can also combine with a pulper, dryer, heat press, and baler to form an egg tray machine line.

Why does customer need an egg carton making machine?

The customer is planning to start an egg carton making business. The customer wants to know the price of the egg tray machine in advance before setting up the egg tray machine factory. And he wanted to know what the output of the egg carton making machine is. So, the customer searched for information about egg tray machines on the internet and entered our egg tray machine website. After seeing our machine, the customer sent an inquiry to our door.

Egg carton
Egg Carton

How does a customer buy an egg tray making machine?

After receiving the inquiry from the customer, our sales manager immediately communicated with the customer. First of all, the sales manager sent the customer pictures and videos of the egg carton making machine to let the customer know about our egg tray machine. The customer later indicated that he needed the parameters of the machine, and we provided the customer with the parameters of all egg tray machine models. Then the customer studied the parameters.

After that, the customer expressed the need for the price of the 1500 model egg tray machine and we immediately gave the customer the PI of the 1500 model. Since the customer’s side is naira, we converted the price of the egg carton making machine to naira.

Egg tray making machine
Egg Tray Making Machine

Payment and shipping of the egg tray machine

After that, the customer said that this price meets his budget and he can pay for it. So we drafted the Alibaba payment link for the customer. After receiving the payment from the customer, we immediately arranged the installation and shipping of the egg carton making machine for the customer.

Questions and answers about the paper egg tray-making machine

  1. Can you give me advice about building a factory?
    The water tank is 3 * 3 * 1.2m, the pulp tank is 3 * 3 * 0.8m, and the supply pulp tank is 3 * 3 * 2.5m. it is length * width * height. the height is fixed. the length and The length and width can be adjusted according to your area size.
  2. Can you tell me the size of the eggs?
    The size of eggs is 45-50mm.

Why do customers choose our small egg tray making machine?

  1. Comprehensive information about the machine is provided. We will provide customers with detailed machine parameters so that they can choose the right machine.
  2. Meticulous service. We will provide customers with various information about the egg tray machine. And answer customers’ various questions.
  3. Provide advice on building a factory. We will provide customers with the size and layout of the egg tray machine factory according to the size of the machine they need.
Small egg tray making machine
Small Egg Tray Making Machine