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The pulp egg tray molding machine is the key equipment for waste paper recycling, its use of tips and precautions is crucial for improving production efficiency and product quality. Here are some tips for egg tray machines to help enterprises better utilize this equipment.

Paper egg tray making line
Paper Egg Tray Making Line

For more information on how the machine produces the egg tray, click Egg box machine丨egg carton machine.

Pulp egg tray molding machine
Pulp Egg Tray Molding Machine

Raw Materials with Many Impurities

Will there be any effect when there are more impurities in the raw material?

  • Make sure to use clean and non-polluting raw materials, such as waste paper sheets, to ensure that the egg tray products produced meet hygiene standards.
  • Some lime and bagasse (lower cost) can be added to the raw material to increase the hardness of the egg tray, and when there are more impurities, a vibrating sieve can be added to screen out the impurities.
Raw material for egg carton
Raw Material For Egg Cartons

Flexible Use of Pulp Egg Tray Molding Machine Molds

Select different egg tray molds as needed to produce egg tray products of different shapes and sizes to improve the production diversity of the machine.

Generally, the mold wear is small, if you are worried about it buy one more set of accessories. If customers want a regular egg tray and also want a shaped tray, then You can use one machine, just change the mold.

Egg tray mold detail
Egg Tray Mold Detail

Continuous Egg Tray Drying Equipment

A continuous drying device can dry 3000-4000 pieces at one time. There are trays inside, the egg tray off the mold in the tray, and both sides have a rolling axis, is the whole tray in the rolling axis of the role of rising and falling, the tray itself will not move, so the egg tray will not fall.

Egg carton dryer device
Egg Carton Dryer Device

Self-built Water Pulp Pool

According to the customer’s production and plant area to decide, if it is a small production of 2-3 can be, if the production of larger can be 3-4. We will design and provide you with drawings, so don’t worry.

Waste paper recycling egg tray manufacturer
Waste Paper Recycling Egg Tray Manufacturer

The above tips, which are also the points that customers often ask when buying pulp egg tray molding machines, can help you better understand and apply the egg carton molding machine to realize the recycling of waste paper.