Shuliy factory

Shuliy Machinery was established in 1984 and has been working hard to move forward in the field of egg tray machine equipment. As an environment-friendly machine, the egg tray machines can reuse various waste paper resources, which is beneficial to the environment. Since its establishment, our products have also been loved by customers both at home and abroad. And many countries have established cooperation with us, such as Nigeria, Bolivia, Cameroon, Mozambique, Uzbekistan, Zambia, South Africa, etc.

Main products and finished products

Our main products are egg tray machines, egg tray production lines, apple tray machines, pulp-making machines, egg tray drying machines, hot pressing machines, packing machines, etc. which can form the egg tray production line. In addition to egg trays, our machines can also produce other finished products in various forms. These finished products can be used for eggs, fruits, electrical appliances, tools, shoes, coffee, wine bottles, etc.

Finished products
Finished Products


Our company has passed ISO9001:2008 national quality management system certification, in addition to other related certificates.


Our service

  1. In-sales service. We will provide customers with videos, pictures, and reliable machine solutions. We also support the customization of machines and product molds. We will also provide customers with sketches and plans of the factory if they need them.
  2. After-sales service. We provide one-year after-sales service to our customers. Installation and commissioning of machines for customers. Customers can communicate with us online and offline ways if they have any questions.