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Egg tray dryer is a necessary piece of equipment in the automatic egg tray production line. Now there are three methods of drying egg trays, natural drying, brick drying, and metal dryer drying. Customers can choose a suitable drying method according to their needs. Generally speaking, the egg tray machine with small output adopts the natural drying method, and the egg tray production line with larger output adopts brick drying and metal dryer drying.

Introduction of egg tray dryer

Egg tray dryer is the equipment that can dry the freshly formed egg tray. Generally, the egg tray production line with large output chooses to work with a metal and brick egg tray drying system. This dryer has multiple layers inside and can place many egg trays with high efficiency. This dryer can use fuel oil (gas), electricity, or steam (heat-conducting oil) as the heat source to heat the air for drying.

The working principle of the paper egg tray drying line

The paper egg tray drying line can dry the air with various energy sources. At the same time, the fan will pump out the evaporated moisture to achieve the effect of fast drying. The metal egg tray dryer can significantly increase the finished egg tray output and reduce production costs. It adopts a single-layer or multi-layer structure to meet the scale drying use of pulp tray egg production enterprises.

Metal egg tray dryer
Metal Egg Tray Dryer

Structure of the egg tray drying system

The egg tray drying system mainly includes the host box, heating equipment, fans, pipes, chains, sprockets, mesh trays, etc. The whole machine is stable in operation, safe and reliable, fast in drying, and high in automation.

Egg tray drying system
Egg Tray Drying System

Features of the metal egg tray dryer

  1. The egg tray drying equipment can heat the egg trays inside and outside at the same time. And the dryer can ensure the trays has no deformation and no discoloration.
  2. The drying process of the egg tray heats up quickly and efficiently. And the machine has less energy waste and more energy saving.
  3. We can control the temperature of the multi-layer egg tray dryer in sections to adapt to the product demand. And the drying operation is flexible.
  4. Egg tray drying line has a forced air supply device. So, the drying temperature and drying cloth wind is more uniform and controllable.
  5. Adopting an infinitely constant temperature control system, the drying process of the egg tray is more intelligent.
Metal egg tray dryer
Metal Egg Tray Dryer

Parameter of the egg tray dryer

MoldOutputPaper consumptionWater consumptionEnergy usedWorker number
egg tray dryer parameter

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