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Egg tray pulping machine is a necessary piece of equipment in egg tray production. The machine can process various paper raw materials with water into a uniform pulp. The processed pulp can be used to make various egg trays, parts, cell phones, accessories, handicrafts, wine, fruit, and another packaging.

What is the egg tray pulping machine?

Egg tray pulping machine can process all kinds of shredded paper, paper scraps, cardboard boxes, etc. into pulp. This machine is generally used to process the raw materials for egg tray forming. It is the necessary basic equipment for egg tray-making machine. The processed pulp is used to make various egg trays, apple trays, and other packaging products. We have different models of pulp beaters. It can be used with different egg tray machines. It is also one of the necessary equipment for the egg tray production line.

Egg tray pulping machine
Egg Tray Pulping Machine

Working principle of egg tray pulping system

The pulp is circulated in the tank, and through the action between the flying knife and the bottom knife, it produces horizontal cutting, vertical splitting, and breaking.

Egg tray pulper’s parameters

Machine nameModelPowerUnit
Hydra pulperSL1.07.5kW1 set
Butterfly valveDN100/1 pc
Pulp pump3 inches2.2kW1 set
Pulp pond beater110r/m1.5kW1 set
Waste water pumps /0.75kW1 set
Pulp conveying pipe//1 set
Egg tray pulper’s parameters

Structure of paper shredder

Paper shredder mainly includes a cylinder screen, shaft, screw propeller, scraper, hopper, frame, transmission system, etc.

Paper shredder
Paper Shredder

Factors that affect the material crushing degree of pulping machine

  1. The nature of the material itself.
  2. Sieve diameter: 0.4 ~ 1.5mm, different raw materials and processing requirements, can be exchanged for different apertures of the sieve cylinder.
  3. The total area of sieve holes is a percentage of the total area of the sieve cylinder.
  4. Guide angle 1.52.0 (with 3°).
  5. Distance between stick and inner wall: 1~4mm.
  6. Speed of shaft.
Pulping machine
Pulping Machine

Advantages of paper pulping machine

  1. The pulper can process the slurry effectively, fully, and evenly.
  2. The machine has high working efficiency and can handle a large amount of waste paper at one time.
  3. The pulper is vertical, with a novel design and easy operation.
  4. The egg tray pulper has low energy consumption, easy to use, and low cost.
Paper pulping machine
Paper Pulping Machine