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The raw material of the egg trays

The production of egg trays is very environmentally friendly. The raw material for making egg trays is waste paper. For example, old books, newspapers, old cartons, corrugated paper, and so on. So the cost of making egg trays is also relatively low.

Egg tray forming

Egg tray making machine has been used in the industry-wide application of paper pulp for many years. Due to the good protective properties of the egg tray machine, the low price has become an ideal product for packaging eggs and fruit products. The production molds of the egg tray machine also play a big role in this.

Regarding the production mold of the egg tray machine. We can rotate the main machine to observe the clearance between the forming mold and the transfer mold. Whether the gap between the forming mold and the transfer mold is consistent. Observe the four corners of the contact surface of the mold, and a gap of 1 mm is a good fit gap. If the main machine chosen is a multi-side molding machine, turn it to see if the gap between the molding mold and the transfer mold of each side can reach the good gap requirement.

Egg tray forming part
Egg Tray Forming Part

Environmentality of egg tray making machine

In the production and processing process of egg trays is mainly a physical reaction, only a few chemicals are added as a waterproofing agent. And these chemical materials are basically all retained in the finished products after drying. Therefore, there is no discharge of dyeing, which is the environmentally friendly raw material selection of the egg tray machine.

Waste paper
Waste Paper

The requirement for pulp in the production process of the egg tray machine

It is that the pulp can be deposited on the mesh mold quickly and evenly without obstacles. The overall shrinkage rate of the egg tray products during drying should be low. The egg tray products do not produce any significant warpage in all directions.