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Egg tray hot press machine is one of the auxiliary equipment in the egg tray production line. This machine is used after the egg tray dryer. After the hot press, the egg tray is smoother and has better strength and stiffness. The machine is easy to operate and occupies a small area, which is a necessary machine for most egg tray manufacturers.

What’s the egg tray hot press machine?

Shuliy egg tray hot press machine is used to shape the pulp molded products by heating the model. The machine is controlled by electricity. The pneumatic performance is good and the operation is safe. The size and design of the mold of the egg tray heat press can be adjusted according to the pulp products so that the products can be easily unmolded.

Egg tray hot press machine
Egg Tray Hot Press Machine

Usage of the hot press shaping machine

Used for hot pressing pulp molded products, such as egg trays, egg cartons, egg boxes, and industrial packaging.

Structure and function of paper tray forming machine

  1. The frame is used to support the hydraulic cylinder, hot press plate, and other parts, and bear the total pressure of the hot press during the work.
  2. Hydraulic cylinder, the actuator to do reciprocating linear motion.
  3. Hot press plate and heating system. The hot press plate is the component for heat and pressure transfer.
Paper tray forming machine
Paper Tray Forming Machine

Why do we use a hot press shaping machine?

  1. We use the egg tray hot press machine to make the appearance of pulp molding products smoother.
  2. The egg tray hot press machine can automatically keep a constant temperature after setting. It works at high temperatures to make the product thickness uniform.
  3. The machine can remove the rough edge.
Hot press shaping machine
Hot Press Shaping Machine

Features of the semi-automatic hot press machine

  1. The egg tray hot press machine has a simple structure and neat appearance.
  2. Its electrical control system is quite stable and the pneumatic performance is satisfactory.
  3. The new hot press is powered by pneumatic and hydraulic-supported cylinders.
  4. Therefore, this machine has high efficiency, high pressure, and good power saving.
  5. The machine is equipped with a counter device, which is easy to operate.

Parameters of the pulp hot press machine

Machine nameHot pressing machine
Working pressure15 Tons
Working temperature160~200℃
Working cycle time6-10 second
Compressed air required0.5~0.6MPa, 1M3/min;
ControlPLC control
pulp hot press machine’s parameter