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At the end of last month, our company shipped another paper tray molding machine to Lebanon. The operation is a large-scale chicken farm specializing in the production and sale of eggs. This is the customer’s third purchase, cementing our partnership.

Requirements for paper tray molding machine

  1. Chicken farms need a large number of egg trays to pack eggs. Purchasing an egg tray forming machine can improve packing efficiency and reduce labor costs.
  2. Attaching great importance to product quality and packaging protection, using the egg tray forming machine can ensure that the eggs are not damaged during transportation and storage, improving product quality and market competitiveness.
  3. Need to meet the market demand for eggs, so need to improve production efficiency and packaging quality.

Detailed information about the purchased machine

The model of this paper tray molding machine purchased by the customer this time is shown below, the output can be up to 1500pcs/h. In addition, the machine purchased this time is also equipped with an extra drying box.

  • Model: SL-1-4
  • Template size:1250*400mm Mould number: 4
  • Rotating surface:1
  • Operate speed:3-6 time/min
  • Forming mould: 4pcs
  • Transferring mould: 4pcs

Why choose our company?

Customers are satisfied with the products of the previously purchased machine, in addition, we help customers to solve the problems encountered in the process of using the machine, the after-sales service has been the customer’s trust and recognition, and therefore do not hesitate to choose to buy our company’s products again.

If you are interested in the paper tray processing machine, then welcome to browse this website, and you can contact us at any time, we provide you with more pictures videos, and quotations, and looking forward to cooperating with you.