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The egg carton production line is a combination of several machines. The price of the egg tray production line is also a little high. However, the egg tray production line is powerful enough to produce various forms and colors to meet the needs of users. The whole production process of the egg tray has been described in detail. This article introduces the pulp in the egg tray production line, the form of the egg tray, the egg tray dryer, and other important contents.

Finished products of the egg carton production line

Egg tray: The main function of the egg carton production line is to produce an egg tray. But the egg tray machine has various functions and can produce many kinds of egg trays. For example, an egg tray with a lid, and an egg tray without a lid. Also can produce a variety of colors of egg trays.
Fruit tray: The egg tray machine can also produce fruit trays to package various kinds of fruits.

What is high-quality pulp?

Making high-quality pulp first requires a high-quality pulp-making machine. A high-quality pulp machine works smoothly and powerfully to effectively process the waste paper raw material. The treated pulp is fine and uniform. In addition, we need to treat the raw material cleanly and remove impurities.

How is the egg tray formed? How to make an egg tray with color?

Egg tray molding: The polished pulp is transported to the egg tray machine, where the molds on the egg tray machine shape the pulp. After that, the molded egg tray is created. The egg tray is then ready for the next drying process.

Colorful egg tray: To make a colorful egg tray is relatively simple. The user can put the appropriate pigments into the pulp pool and mix them well.

How does the egg tray machine produce many forms of egg trays?

Egg tray: The paper pulp egg tray-making machine manufactures egg trays mainly through mold shaping. Therefore, if you want to get different forms of egg trays, you only need to change the molds. Shuliy has a variety of molds for egg trays that are commonly accepted in the market. In addition, we can also make custom-made egg tray molds for our customers.

Other trays: In addition to egg trays, we have other forms of molds to support the production of different shapes of trays. For example, wine trays, apple trays, pear trays, orange trays, and other kinds of packaging trays.

What are the types of equipment for drying the egg trays?

Generally speaking, there are three kinds of equipment for drying egg trays.

  1. Natural drying: This equipment is generally used by the users of a semi-automatic egg carton production line. Since the number of egg trays produced is small, the investment cost is small and the number of employees is large, the drying rack is usually used to dry the egg trays. This equipment is mainly used with the help of natural wind.
  2. Brick drying line: Brick drying equipment is generally suitable for medium output egg tray production lines. This equipment is more efficient than natural drying. The egg tray can be dried in a shorter time.
  3. Metal automatic drying equipment: This equipment is more suitable for egg tray production lines with high output. The metal egg tray drying machine, with multiple layers inside, can dry several egg trays at the same time. And, the uniform drying effect of the heat inside the machine is better.

How to choose the right paper egg tray production line for you?

Customers need to consider a variety of factors when purchasing an egg tray drying line.
First of all: Customers need to consider which series of egg carton production lines they can purchase within their budget.
Secondly: How much egg tray output the customer needs? We have different egg tray molding machine models.
Then: The size of the customer’s egg carton production line. Different egg tray machines with different outputs have different floor spaces.

Technical parameter of the egg tray production line

ModelCapacityPaper consumptionWater ConsumptionEnergy usedWorker
egg tray production line’s parameter
Egg trays
Egg Trays