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The coffee cup holder making machine is a device that can make a variety of cup holders. Generally, there are 2 and 4 coffee cup holders. Coffee cup holders are common items in our daily life. It helps the coffee to stand upright without tilting. It is a good cup packaging product.

Introduction of Shuliy coffee cup holder making machine

The coffee cup holder making machine and egg tray machine produced by Shuliy work on the same principle. They are all made of paper packaging products by shaping the pulp. Our coffee cup tray making machine is powerful enough to make cup holders in different quantities.

And the most common quantities are 2 and 4. The coffee cup holder making machine uses waste paper to realize the recycling of resources. Therefore, using the coffee cup holder machine is the choice of more and more people.

Molds for coffee cup tray making machine

Our coffee cup holder making machine is the same machine that makes other paper trays. Only the mold part is different. Therefore, customers can produce egg trays, fruit trays, egg box trays and coffee cup trays, etc. by changing different molds.
Material of egg tray mold: Our coffee cup tray mold is aluminum, which is very durable and can be used for many years.

What are the methods of drying coffee trays?

  1. Metal dryer for drying. If you’re using a high-volume coffee cup holder making machine, we recommend also using a large metal dryer. With high work efficiency, the machine can handle many egg trays, coffee trays, etc. at one time. And the machine with the smallest footprint.
  2. Brick coffee tray drying. The client needs to build a brick kiln in its own factory for drying finished products. Small footprint, the heat source can be LPC, LNG, diesel, natural gas, etc.
  3. Air dry naturally. If the customer is using a coffee cup pulp tray machine with small output. It can also be dried naturally on the shelf. This air-drying method occupies a relatively large area.
Three types of dryer
Three Types Of Dryer

Benefits of using paper coffee holders

  1. It can recycle resources and protect the environment. The raw material of the product is waste paper pulp, and the used coffee tray can be reused.
  2. In addition to packaging coffee, it can also package other cup products, such as milk tea, tea products, soy milk, etc.
  3. The paper coffee tray is light in weight and easy to carry.

Features of a coffee cup pulp tray machine

  1. The raw materials and finished products used by the coffee cup holder-making machine can be recycled. And it is in line with the current trend and concept of environmental protection.
  2. Our coffee cup holder-making machine is only made of high-quality mechanical materials, with stable operation, fewer maintenance times, and long service life.
  3. Large output coffee cup production lines can be used with metal dryers. In this way, the production efficiency will be higher.
  4. With powerful functions, one machine can make various paper tray products.

Why choose a shuliy’s cup holder-making machine?

  1. As a professional manufacturer, we have produced egg tray making machines for many years and have been working hard on the road of manufacturing coffee tray machines. Bring better coffee tray machines to customers.
  2. We have many related supporting equipment, for example, pulper, dryer, heat press, baler, and so on. Can help customers customize the appropriate production plan.
  3. Rich export experience. We have started an export business since the establishment of the factory and can help customers solve various problems encountered in the purchase process.
  4. One year after-sales service. Customers can buy our equipment with confidence.