Egg tray machine for sale

Paper Pulp Tray Molding Machine Exported to Ethiopian Chicken Farms

Ethiopian chicken farms purchased our paper pulp tray molding machine through clear needs, strong purchase intention and on-site inspection.

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Egg tray forming machine for sale

Indian Food Packaging Company Benefits from Customized Paper Egg Carton Making Machine

We successfully delivered a set of customized paper egg carton making machine to an Indian food packaging company to meet the customer's expectation for diversified packaging needs.

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Egg tray making machine for sale

Nigerian Retailer Introduced Our Small Egg Tray Machine

Retail companies in Nigeria have introduced our small egg tray machine to automate production and improve productivity and product quality.

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Waste paper recycling machine for sale

Shuliy Paper Pulp Molding Machines Help Zambian Customers Waste Paper Recycling Entrepreneurship

Early this month, Shuliy company successfully sent a set of paper pulp molding machines to a visionary entrepreneur in Zambia.

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Quail egg tray making machine

Quail egg tray making machine sent to Malawi

On July 5, a customer from Malawi ordered a SL-1-4 quail egg tray making machine. It is powerful and have been sold to many countries.

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Paper pulp tray machine

Paper pulp tray machine exported to Senegal

Good news! Last week our customer bought an SL-3*1 model paper pulp tray machine from us. This model can produce 1000 egg trays per hour.

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Egg tray manufacturing machine

Exported egg tray manufacturing machine to Chad

Congratulations! A customer from Chad bought an SL-4*1 egg tray manufacturing machine from us. This is the smallest model of paper egg tray machine with a capacity of 1500-2000pcs/h. But....

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Egg tray machine for sale

Egg tray machine for sale to Venezuela

A customer from Venezuela has purchased an SL-4*1 egg tray machine for sale. The SL-4*1 paper egg tray machine has a capacity of 1500-2000 PCS/h.

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Paper egg tray machine

Exported automatic paper egg tray machine to Uzbekistan

The output of the SL-4*4 paper egg tray machine is 3000-3500pcs/h. We have smaller and bigger egg tray making machines.

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Hydraulic grass baler

Send pulp egg tray making machine to Cameroon

Good news! Our regular customer from Cameroon has purchased a pulp egg tray making machine from us again.

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