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Brief introduction to the egg tray making machine

We have various models of 1500pc/h egg tray making machines. Different models have different outputs and are equipped with different machines. In general, the egg tray machine with small output is semi-automatic. Our semi-automatic egg tray production line usually includes pulp machines and forming machines. The rest of the drying and packing need manual operation. The customer can also choose the drying machine, hot press, and packing machine to form a fully automatic production line. Our egg crate making machines have a capacity of 1000 to 6000pc/h. Large-capacity egg tray making machines are usually fully automatic production lines, which can greatly improve work efficiency.

1500pc/h egg tray making machine
1500Pc/H Egg Tray Making Machine

What machines can work with 1500pc/h egg tray forming machines?

In general, the 1500pc/h egg tray making machine can work together with an egg tray pulper, a manual drying machine, a packing machine, etc.

Technical parameters of the paper egg tray making machine

ModelOutputPaper consumptionWater consumptionEnergy usedWorker number
paper egg tray making machine’s parameter

How does the egg tray molding machine work?

Features of 1500pc/h paper egg tray machine

  1. Cheaper than a fully automatic egg tray production line. No need for a dryer, hot press, or packing machine.
  2. Compared with the manual egg tray machine, the semi-automatic machine works more efficiently.
  3. Since the output of a semi-automatic egg tray machine is not very high, it is suitable for medium-sized investors.
  4. As the business grows, customers can upgrade their production line if they need to expand their business.
Paper pulp egg tray
Paper Pulp Egg Tray

How to choose a suitable egg tray molding machine?

There are different types of 1500pc/h egg tray making machines in the market. Customers can choose the suitable egg tray forming machine for them according to the following points

  1. How many egg trays do you need to produce per hour?
    Customers can choose the egg tray molding machine according to their demand for production capacity. The output determines the model of the egg tray machine chosen and the size of egg trays the customer needs to make.
  2. What is your budget?
    Customers need to buy the egg tray manufacturing machine according to their actual situation. In addition to the price of the device, other factors need to be considered, such as labor cost, construction cost, raw material cost, and maintenance cost.
  3. Where to buy the paper egg tray making machine from?
    Considering the cost of transportation, many users may choose to buy the machine locally. However, our egg tray machine has been welcomed by many foreign customers. As a factory, our egg tray machine has good quality, low price, and good service. Besides, we can also provide the service of installing the machine.

Egg crate making machine sold to Venezuela

Last month, a customer from Venezuela purchased an egg tray making machine from us. The customer bought the egg tray making machine for his own use. He has a chicken farm of his own and therefore wanted to make his own egg trays to package his eggs for sale.

Throughout the process of purchasing the 1500pc/h egg tray making machine, we were active in responding to the customer and answering his concerns. Good g communication and service ensure the customer is assured enough to buy our egg tray forming machine!

Venezuela customer
Venezuela Customer

About Shuliy Machinery-Famous egg crate making machine manufacturer

Shuliy Machinery has been established for more than ten years and has very skilled technology and rich export experience in egg tray making machine manufacturing. We have a professional R&D team, manufacturing, and supervision team dedicated to providing customers with high-quality egg tray manufacturing equipment!

So far, we have exported to many countries, including Bolivia, Cameroon, Ghana, Venezuela, Kenya, Mozambique, Saudi Arabia, and so on. Shuliy Machinery welcomes you to consult at any time!

Shuliy egg crate making machine factory
Shuliy Egg Crate Making Machine Factory