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A customer from Kenya purchased an SL-3*4 automatic egg tray machine from us. The customer contacted us because the company they work for needed to expand their business of making egg trays.

The customer’s situation

The customer is from a company in Kenya, which is mainly in the bakery industry and timber business. In order to further expand their market, they decided to purchase an automatic egg tray machine to start their business in a new area. The customer saw our website, went to browse it, and decided to send us an inquiry.

What are the main points with the customer about the pulp egg tray making machine?

We received the inquiry from the customer and directly provided pictures, videos, and other information about the machine. We also asked the customer about his budget, and we recommended two models. And the customer finally chose the SL-3*4 automatic egg tray machine, which has a larger capacity. After that, we mainly confirmed with the customer the size of the egg tray he needed.

The customer finally confirmed 30pcs. After that, we mainly confirmed with the customer the size of the egg tray he needed, which was 30pcs. 12pcs 6 pcs. Then we asked about the diameter of the egg tray, the voltage of the machine, the shipping port, etc.

Automatic egg tray forming machine
Automatic Egg Tray Forming Machine

Payment and shipping

After all the information was confirmed, the customer decided to pay a 50% deposit. Since our egg tray machines are hot and not in stock. So we start making the machine after receiving the deposit. The customer was informed when the machine was ready and he paid the rest of the amount. We then arranged the shipment of the automatic egg tray machine to Mombasa seaport, Kenya.

Why choose Shuliy’s egg tray molding machine?

  1. Can you provide us with the layout of the machine to install the egg tray machine?
    Yes, our designer can make an installation drawing according to your factory area.
  2. Also, who will do the installation?
    We will provide installation guidance, and customers all install it smoothly.
  3. How soon can we receive the automatic egg tray machine?
    Our egg tray machine needs around 20 work days to produce. The shipping time to the Mombasa seaport is around 30 days. The shipping time varies depending on the customer’s location.
  4. You want to make which tray?
    Some customers make 6, 10, and 12 eggs boxes. we can also customize the egg tray for you.
  5. China voltage is 380V, 50HZ, 3 phase ok for you?
    Our customers customize the voltage according to their needs.
Egg tray molding machine
Egg Tray Molding Machine