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Early this month, our company successfully sent a set of paper pulp molding machines to a visionary entrepreneur in Zambia. The customer is an enterprise specializing in waste paper recycling, and through deep processing of waste paper, he hopes to find new business opportunities in the environmental protection industry.

Paper pulp molding machines
Paper Pulp Molding Machines

Why Choose to Buy Paper Pulp Molding Machines

After learning about the efficient performance and reliable quality of our pulp machine and egg tray molding machine, the customer decided to recycle waste paper and produce environmentally friendly egg tray products.

By watching our related videos on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jZivhVJ6DFA, the customer had a more intuitive understanding of our technology and equipment and expressed great interest in our product performance.

Egg tray molding machine
Egg Tray Molding Machine

Recycling Benefits and Economic Cost Savings

By using the paper pulp molding machines provided by our company, customers can convert a large amount of waste paper into high-quality egg tray products.

Our pulp machine and egg tray making machine is highly efficient and energy-saving and can minimize energy consumption in the production process.

This created a new sales channel for the customer. Customers have reported that this business model has brought them considerable economic benefits.

Paper pulp making machine
Paper Pulp-Making Machine

Shuliy Company Technical Support

To ensure that customers can fully utilize the performance of the machine, our company provides a full range of technical support. Our team of engineers responds quickly, traveling to the customer’s site for equipment commissioning and training to ensure that the machine is put into production smoothly.

Egg carton production making machines
Egg Carton Production Making Machines

Positive Feedback from Customer

Customers have highly praised our equipment performance and service attitude. They said that our paper pulp molding machines are not only reliable in quality but also have great potential in the environmental protection industry. The customer plans to further expand the production scale in the future and push the utilization of waste paper to a new peak.