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Good news! A customer from Cameroon has purchased an SL-4*1 egg tray molding machine. The customer had not used the egg tray machine before and now needed to purchase a machine to expand his business.

The customer’s purchase process of the egg tray molding machine

The customer saw our egg tray machine and sent us an inquiry. After we received it, we immediately talked to the customer about the machine. Although it was the customer’s first time buying an egg tray machine, he knew more about the machine. At first, he needed a 1000-1200pcs/h egg tray machine, but later he thought 1500-2000pcs/hour was better. Therefore, we recommended the 4*1 egg tray machine to the customer. The next communication mainly revolved around the size, weight, and price of the machine.

Payment and shipping

After our price was agreed upon, the customer paid a 30% deposit. After receiving the deposit, we started to build the machine. After the machine is completed, we send the customer a video of the machine running. The customer receives the video and pays the rest of the money. We also proceed to arrange the shipping of the egg tray molding machine.

Egg tray molding machine
Egg Tray Molding Machine

Questions and answers about the pulp egg tray making machine

1. Dimensions of the egg tray(size and dept)?
size is 29.5*29.5cm egg hole is 46-50mm, what size do you need? customize it for you.

2. Please let me know the delivery time after payment of the first installment!
20 days to produce this machine, and it will take about 40days on the sea.

3. Let me know the CBM and weight of the egg tray molding machine.
12cmb 3 ton

4. Please let me know about the warranty of the machine.
One-year warranty. If you need we can send our engineer to help you install this machine, we also can offer you a drawing and a user manual, and a video guide installation.

What are the services we provide?

  1. One year after-sales service. After the customer receives the machine, we will deal with the problems encountered by the customer through online or offline ways.
  2. Customized egg tray molding machine service is available. Our customers can change the size of the machine according to their needs.
  3. Provide customers with all the information about the egg tray machine. We will provide pictures, videos, and parameters of the machine.
Egg plate making machine
Egg Plate Making Machine