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Good news! A customer from Mozambique bought an SL-3*1 cheap egg tray-making machine from us. This model of egg tray machine is the smallest production machine. The customer wanted to start a business with a friend and after investigation, they decided to start making egg trays. Since the raw material for egg trays are various kinds of waste paper. So, making egg trays is low cost and high profit. It is the first choice of most people who want to start a new business.

Process of customers buying cheap egg tray making machine

The customer searched for an egg tray molding machine on the internet and after comparing many suppliers, finally decided to send us an inquiry. When we received the message from the customer, we immediately communicated with him via WhatsApp. First of all, we sent all the models of the cheap egg tray making machines to the customer and let the customer choose for himself.

After discussion, the customer chose the 3*1 model of cheap egg tray making machine. We then confirmed the size of the egg tray, the voltage of the machine, and the shipping destination with the customer.

Cheap egg tray making machine
Cheap Egg Tray Making Machine

How did the customer pay?

Since the customer had a freight forwarder in China, he chose to pay through the freight forwarder. We received the deposit first and then arranged the production of the egg tray machine. We will notify the customer when the cheap egg tray making machine is finished. The customer receives the notification and pays the balance, then we ship the egg tray machine to his freight forwarder.

What are the reasons our egg tray machine for sale is popular in many countries?

  1. We have different models of egg trays. Different models of egg tray machines have different outputs, which can meet different customers’ needs.
  2. Customized many different egg tray models. In addition to the conventional egg tray form, we also customize the egg tray model according to the specific needs of our customers.
  3. Provide one-year after-sales service. Customers can give us feedback if they encounter any problems. We will help customers to solve it by video or voice.
  4. Provide a sketch of the egg tray factory. We will provide customers with sketches of the egg tray machine plant according to their needs.