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Manufacturer and supplier of the egg tray making machines

Shuliy machinery

Shuliy Machinery is a professional egg tray machine manufacturer. We are committed to researching and producing all kinds of egg tray machines and related equipment. We have been exporting egg tray machines for 20 years since the factory was established. Because of our high quality, favorable price, and low energy consumption, our egg tray machine is loved by many customers. And we have cooperative relations with more than 30 countries.

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Egg tray producing solution

We customize egg tray machine production lines for customers

Egg Carton Production Line Paper Tray Making Machines

The egg carton production line is mainly used for waste paper recycling. It realizes the production of paper trays through molding, drying and packaging, and is widely used in the....

Egg Tray Manufacturing Plant Paper Pulp Molding Machines

Egg tray manufacturing plant can realize automated production, improve production efficiency and product quality, and meet customers' demand for large quantities of egg tray products.

Fruit tray making machine

Fruit tray making machine is one of the important equipments for packaging machinery. The finished products produced by this machine....

Automatic egg tray machine

The automatic egg tray machine can manufacture various paper trays. The machine's production scale and forming mold can be customized....

1500pch egg tray-making machine

We have various models including 1500pc/h egg tray making machines. It is suitable for various paper tray manufacturing scenarios and....

Why choose Shuliy Machinery?


Reasonable egg tray machine solution

We will recommend the right model of egg tray machine or a combination of egg tray machine production lines according to the specific needs of customers.


Reliable machine quality

As a professional egg tray machine manufacturer, we have strict control on the manufacturing and quality of the machine.


Timely answer

Shuliy Machinery will answer any questions from customers in time and solve the queries quickly.

Shuliy factory

The professional big factory makes good machines to bring you more convenience

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Shipping our machines all over the world


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