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The production of egg trays is not done by one egg tray equipment alone, the combination of several machines makes a complete egg tray. At the same time, there are many other facilities to be set up. And the following is mainly about the mold of the egg tray-making machine, because it is the key part of the egg tray forming.

Every time you use the egg tray equipment, the egg tray mold needs to work. Therefore, the egg tray mold will be constantly worn out. And when they wear accumulates to a certain degree, the performance of the mold will decline. Therefore, it is necessary to summarize more experience in egg tray equipment mold operation in general.

Precautions for using egg tray mold

  1. Lubricate the mold before use, which can reduce the friction degree of each mold operation and prolong the service life.
  2. Before the egg tray equipment stops running, it is forbidden to touch the mold directly with your hands.
  3. Use special clamps to pick and place products.
  4. When not producing, you should clean up the debris in the egg tray mold first. And then apply anti-rust oil.
  5. Regularly check and measure the mold size, record data and do mold loss analysis. This can control the product quality within the qualified range.
Egg tray equipment mold
Egg Tray Equipment Mold

How to judge the quality of the paper egg tray making machine?

The molding quality of the egg tray equipment is customarily classified as good, poor, or very poor. The classification is based on the degree of homogeneity of the egg tray or the uniformity of the fiber distribution. The hallmark of good or bad molding is the uniformity of fiber distribution. It requires the same microscopic fiber concentration in an arbitrarily selected area of the egg tray. The closer the fiber distribution is to this ideal state, the more homogeneous it is.