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On July 5, a customer from Malawi ordered a SL-1-4 quail egg tray making machine. Shuliy’s egg tray making machines are powerful and have been sold to many countries. The customer from Malawi liked our egg tray machine and placed an order quickly.

What are the reasons for the customer to buy the quail egg tray making machine?

The customer sent us an inquiry for an paper egg tray making machine in April this year. We immediately communicated with the customer. After understanding that the customer wanted to buy an quail egg tray making machine to make egg trays for sale, this was his first time carrying out this project. So he searched our website on the internet and decided to communicate with us after browsing.

Quail egg tray making machine
Quail Egg Tray Making Machine

The parameters of SL-1-4 paper egg tray making machine

Template size:1250*400mm
Mold number:4
Rotating surface:1
Operate speed3-6 times/min
SL-1-4 egg tray machine parameter

The Shuliy egg tray molding machine is worth your purchase!

  1. Recommend a suitable model for the quail egg tray making machine. After receiving the inquiry from the customer, the sales manager immediately communicated with the customer to understand the customer’s needs. At the same time, we recommended a suitable model of egg tray machine according to the demand. Since the customer started to change business for the first time, we recommended the small output SL-1500 egg tray machine.
  2. Support from many foreign customers. After receiving the quail egg tray making machine, many customers said it worked well and sent pictures with the device. Malawi customers have seen this supportive feedback and trust our equipment more.
  3. Technical support. We provide one year of after-sales service and free online consulting service for life. We will provide long-term technical support to our customers.
The finished product of quail egg tray making machine
The Finished Product Of Quail Egg Tray Making Machine