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A small chicken farm in Ethiopia recently successfully purchased the paper pulp tray molding machine exported by our company and became a new customer. This customer was not only involved in this industry for the first time but also had a distinguished background. He was engaged in the leather business and studied in the United States, and had considerable financial strength.

Paper pulp tray molding machine
paper pulp tray molding machine

Clear needs and strong purchase intention

This client was involved in the chicken farming business for the first time but showed a clear understanding of the market. During the communication with the business manager, the customer clarified his needs.

Not only did he know what he wanted, but he also determined the output from the beginning. This clear demand shows that the customer has a certain understanding of the chicken business and at the same time shows a clear plan for his or her chicken farm.

Paper egg carton making machine
paper egg carton making machine

Customer inspects paper pulp tray molding machine

During the communication with the business manager, the customer showed a strong intention to purchase and offered to take a look at the chicken farm in person. This proactive attitude shows how serious the customer is about the business and the prudence of the purchase decision.

Experience sharing and field investigation

When visiting the site, the customer revealed some of his experience accumulated while studying in the United States, indicating that he had a certain understanding of waste paper recycling machinery and equipment.

Through on-site inspections, customers were able to see our company’s egg tray machine with their own eyes and feel our strength. This personal experience helps build customer trust in our company.

Egg tray pulp molding machine
egg tray pulp molding machine

Satisfied purchase and affordable price

After inspecting our factory, the customer expressed satisfaction with our paper pulp tray molding machine. The price of the machine is reasonable and acceptable to customers, and the one-stop service provided by our company meets the needs of customers who are entering the chicken industry for the first time. This comprehensive advantage makes customers trust our company and successfully facilitates transactions.

Customer feedback and outlook

After the transaction was completed, we tracked the customer and learned about their usage of the paper pulp tray molding machine they purchased. Customers have given positive comments on the performance and stability of the machine and shared some experiences in raising chickens. Customer feedback not only plays a positive role in our products but also lays the foundation for future cooperation.