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Good news! Our SL-4*1 paper egg tray making machine is sold in Cameroon. The hourly output of this type of egg tray machine is 1500-2000PCS/h. We also have egg tray making machines with larger outputs.

And the models of egg tray molding machines with different outputs are different. Besides egg trays, our egg tray machines can also produce other paper trays, such as fruit trays, wine glass trays, and coffee trays.

Why do customers need a paper egg tray making machine?

The customer wanted to start a new business of making egg tray machines. The client now has a farm with various livestock and now wants to create an egg tray-making business with friends. So found us through searching.

Paper egg tray making machine
Paper Egg Tray Making Machine

The process of customers buying egg crate making machine

  1. The customer first sent us an inquiry for the paper egg tray making machine through Alibaba. After we received the inquiry, we communicated with the egg tray machine through WhatsApp.
  2. Our sales manager Helen first sent the customer the necessary information such as pictures and videos of the egg tray manufacturing machine. The customer said that he needed to discuss it with his partner.
  3. After that, the customer said that the egg carton-making machine with an output of about 1500 pieces was fine. So we recommended the customer use the SL-4*1 paper egg tray making machine.
  4. Subsequently, we provided the customer with the PI of the SL-4*1 paper egg tray making machine And we confirmed with the customer when to purchase the device.
Egg crate making machine
egg crate making machine

Payment and shipping for egg tray making machine

Payment: Since the customer has an agent in Shanghai, China, we need to contact his agent and collect the payment. About a week later, we received the full payment. Then we start preparing to make the egg tray machine. The egg tray making machine will be finished in about 10 days, and we will confirm the machine with the customer video.
Transportation: After the customer confirms that it is correct, we arrange to pack and transport the machine in a wooden box. After the egg tray machine starts to cheer, we will update the transportation information to customers in time.

Shipping of the egg tray making machine
Shipping Of The Egg Tray Making Machine

What makes customers choose our egg tray moulding machine?

  1. Shuliy produces a complete range of egg tray moulding machines. We have a variety of egg tray machines with different outputs. And customers can choose egg tray machines that meet their output needs from us.
  2. Professional and comprehensive service. Our sales staff will provide customers with professional machine introductions and help customers answer various questions.
  3. Our egg tray-making machine is powerful. The egg tray machine can produce different pulp packaging supplies by changing the mold.
  4. One year after-sales service. After placing the order, we will provide lifelong online guidance services. The quality guarantee term is for one year. Malfunctions which machine-self and quality cause will be the responsibility of our manufacturer. Other malfunctions caused by operation man-mistakes, problems, etc will be responsible for clients-self.
Egg tray moulding machine
Egg Tray Moulding Machine