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Good news! A customer from Uzbekistan bought an SL-4*1 egg tray forming machine from us. Due to the large output of egg trays required by the customer and combined with the actual output required by the customer, the SL-4*1 egg tray machine is the most suitable for the customer.

What are the services Shuliy provides?

  1. Timely response to customers. Customers send us inquiries by browsing our egg tray forming machine website. After we receive the message, we communicate with the customer immediately.
  2. Thorough service. We will try our best to introduce the egg tray making machine, recommend the machine and transport the machine to the customer. We will consider the customer’s point of view and provide the best service. Besides, we also provide a one-year after-sales service.
  3. High-quality machine. We are a professional manufacturer of egg tray molding machines. And the machines have been sold to many countries. The quality of the machine has got good feedback from many customers. Customers can buy with confidence.
  4. Professional solution to customers’ questions. Our staff has professional knowledge about the pulp egg tray making machine and can solve the problems of the machine faced by the customers.
Egg tray forming machine
Egg Tray Forming Machine

Customer’s payment and shipping of the egg tray forming machine

After the customer decided to buy an SL-4*1 egg tray forming machine, he paid a 22% deposit first. After we receive it, we prepare the machine for production. When the machine is ready, we inform the customer and he pays the final payment. Then we pack the machine and send it to the customer’s freight forwarder.

Egg tray making machine
Egg Tray Making Machine