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Last week, a customer from Zambia purchased a SL-4*1 egg crate making machine from us. The output of this type of egg tray machine is 1500-2000pcs per hour. The output of this type of egg tray manufacturing machine meets the requirements for the production of small and medium-sized egg tray machines. In addition to this, we also produce egg tray making machines with larger output.

Why do customers buy a egg crate making machine from us?

  1. Our egg crate-making machine models are complete. Our paper egg tray machines are available in several models and can produce different styles of egg trays.
  2. The quality of the egg tray molding machine is high. As a manufacturer of egg tray machines, Shuliy has many years of experience in machine making. And the machine has been welcomed by many countries.
  3. Comprehensive service. We Shuliy will consider the customer’s point of view so that customers can buy and use the machine with confidence.
  4. Our egg crate making machines have been exported to many countries, such as Cameroon, Nigeria, Kenya, Zambia, Western Samoa, Uzbekistan, etc., which are trustworthy.

The process for customers to purchase SL-4*1 paper egg tray machine

  1. Customers contact us through Alibaba. The customer directly sent us the inquiry about the SL-4*1 egg crate making machine. Later we discussed the machine via WhatsApp.
  2. First, we sent the models and parameters of all egg crate making machines to the customer to determine the model that the customer needs.
  3. The customer again stated that he needs the SL-4*1 egg tray molding machine. Therefore, we provide pictures and videos of the SL-41 pulp egg tray making machine to customers.
  4. Then we confirm the size and other details of the egg tray required by the customer.
  5. Next, the customer pays the deposit, and we arrange to make the egg crate tray making machine. After the egg tray machine is completed, we send the picture to the customer, and the customer pays the balance.
Paper egg tray making machine
Paper Egg Tray Making Machine