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Recently, we successfully delivered an egg carton molding machine to a Lebanese customer to help its waste paper recycling business. This customer is a company committed to environmental protection and sustainable development, focusing on waste paper recycling and reuse, and dedicated to reducing the negative impact on the environment.

Egg carton molding machine
egg carton molding machine

Clear needs for egg carton molding machine

The customer’s need for an egg tray forming machine was clear: they wanted to be able to produce high-quality paper egg trays from waste paper as an alternative to the traditional plastic trays, thus reducing the impact of plastic pollution on the environment.

This kind of paper egg carton is not only environmentally friendly but also has good biodegradability, which is in line with the customer’s company’s environmental protection concept.

Paper pulp molding machine
paper pulp molding machine

Machine advantages and uses

An egg carton molding machine is a professional equipment that can process waste paper materials into various shapes of egg trays.

These egg trays can be perfectly adapted to the customer’s needs, with consistent size and quality, in line with hygienic standards for food packaging.

By using the egg tray making machine, customers can make full use of waste paper resources and reduce production costs, while contributing to the cause of environmental protection.

Machine Specification:

  • SL-1-4
  • Template size:1250*400mm Mould number: 4
  • Rotating surface:1
  • Operate speed:3-6 time/min
Egg carton finished production
egg carton finished production

Why choose our company

The reason why customers choose to buy our egg carton molding machine is mainly because the quality and stability of the equipment provided by us are reliable and can meet the specific production needs of customers.

In addition, our company provides a full range of pre-sales consulting and after-sales service, providing customers with a good buying experience. Customers are satisfied with our equipment and services and look forward to future cooperation.