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Using the automatic egg tray machine to make egg trays is the reuse of resources. Because the raw materials of egg trays are waste paper. This can reduce pollution to the environment. As people’s awareness of environmental protection is increasing, more and more businesses use the egg tray mechanism to make single trays.

In addition, egg trays are also essential packaging items in people’s daily life. A large number of eggs require the packaging of egg trays to facilitate the transportation and storage of eggs. Here are the environmental benefits of using an automatic egg tray machine.

Raw materials used by automatic egg tray machine- all kinds of waste paper

The raw materials for the automatic egg tray machine are all kinds of waste paper and water. At the same time, no additives are required during the production process. Therefore, the whole egg tray manufacturing process is environmentally friendly.

Automatic egg tray machine
Automatic Egg Tray Machine

Recycled water-egg tray molding machine

The water consumption of the egg tray molding machine is not very large. During pulping, water is mixed with paper. While the machine is working, when the pulp is absorbed into the tray, the water is recycled to the pulper and mixed with waste paper again. While on the drying line, the water in the egg pan evaporates. Therefore, the water consumption is small.

Energy used by the egg tray production line

In the egg tray forming process, the main energy source is electric energy. In the drying process, the most common energy sources are solar energy, coal, natural gas, and biomass. These things will not have a bad impact on the environment.

Dryer in the egg tray production line
Dryer In The Egg Tray Production Line

Paper egg tray VS plastic egg tray

Compared with plastic trays, paper egg trays have the following advantages.

  1. Paper egg trays are recyclable. Discarded egg trays are biodegradable and can be recycled many times. However, it takes hundreds of years for plastic egg trays to degrade.
  2. The paper egg tray has suitable strength and toughness, which can protect the eggs during the transportation or storage stage.
  3. The good air permeability and moisture resistance of the paper egg tray help to store eggs well.
  4. The cost of a paper egg tray is lower.

Shuliy’s paper pulp egg tray machine

Shuliy’s egg tray-making machine has a variety of models for customers to choose from. We produce semi-automatic and fully automatic egg tray machines. Their operation is very simple. If you are interested in our egg tray machine, please contact us. Shuli will provide you with comprehensive machine information. And we will recommend the appropriate machine model and collocation according to your specific needs.

Paper pulp egg tray machine
Paper Pulp Egg Tray Machine