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Our Palestine customer bought an SL-3*1 small egg tray making machine from us last week. In addition, the customer also purchased an egg tray mold. We have a variety of egg tray molds for customers to choose from. Customers can change the mold to make egg trays of different shapes.

Palestine customer profile

The client wants to start a business making egg trays locally. Therefore, I am looking for an egg tray making machine with small output. Finally got in touch with us by browsing our hungry website.

The process of customers buying small egg tray making machine

We received the customer’s WhatsApp message, and immediately sent the picture and video of the egg tray molding machine to the customer. The customer said that he needs an egg tray machine with small output, so we will send the parameters of SL-3*1 to the customer. The machine output of this model is 1000pcs/h. It is very suitable for customers who are just entering the industry. After that, we introduced the machine to the customer in detail. Customers have a deeper understanding of our machines. Finally decided to buy one.

Small egg tray making machine
Small Egg Tray Making Machine

Payment and shipping for color egg tray making machine

After we received the customer’s payment, we began to prepare the small egg tray making machine. After everything is ready, use wooden boxes to pack the machine, and then transport the machine.

Parameters of SL-3*1 pulp egg tray making machine

ModelCapacity(pcs/h)PowerStaffPaper consumption/hourWater consumption/hourDrying method
SL-3*1100036kw480kg160kgNatural dry
pulp egg tray making machine’s parameter

Why do customers choose our automatic egg tray machine?

  1. Our small egg tray making machines are of high quality. All parts of the egg tray machine use high-quality heavy machinery materials.
  2. Professional sales managers have been answering the doubts of customers and putting forward reasonable suggestions.
  3. We support online payment, and online tracking logistics, so customers can buy with confidence.
  4. Our egg tray machine has passed professional and strict quality inspection before delivery to ensure product quality.
  5. One year after-sales service. We will provide quality assurance and lifetime maintenance guidance services during the warranty period.
Automatic egg tray machine
Automatic Egg Tray Machine