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Good news! Our regular customer from Cameroon has purchased a pulp egg tray making machine from us again. This time the customer bought the SL-3*1 egg tray making machine. It has a smaller capacity compared to the first one. The two machines work together to meet the customer’s output requirements.

Why did the customer buy the pulp egg tray making machine again?

After using our pulp egg tray making machine for a period of time, the customer was satisfied with it. At the same time, the customer wanted to increase the output of egg trays. So the customer bought the egg carton making machine from us again.

Hydraulic grass baler
Hydraulic Grass Baler

How the customer bought the automatic rotary egg tray making machine?

The customer contacted our sales manager Tina, saying that he needed another egg carton making machine. And upon receiving the message from the customer, Tina immediately confirmed the output of the machine. At the same time, she sent the parameters of the machine to the customer. The customer decided to buy the SL-3*1 pulp egg tray making machine after choosing it.

After that, the customer asked for information about the dryer. Our sales manager Tina explained three drying methods to the customer. The customer thought that the air dryer met his budget. Finally, the customer decided to buy the trolley air drying unit and an egg tray machine.

Automatic rotary egg tray making machine
Automatic Rotary Egg Tray Making Machine

Parameters of the SL-3*1 egg tray manufacturing machine

ModelOutputPaper consumptionWater ConsumptionEnergy usedWorker
SL-3*11000-1500pc/h120 kg/h300kg/h32kW/h3-4
egg tray manufacturing machine’s parameter

Why did the customer choose us pulp egg tray moulding machine again?

  1. Good after-sales service. We will help our customers to answer any problems they encountered after they bought the egg tray machine from us for the first time.
  2. High-quality egg tray machine equipment. After customers use the machine for a period of time, they are satisfied with the running condition of the machine and the final product.
  3. Favorable price. Customers can compare with other sellers, our egg tray machine price is more reasonable.
Pulp egg tray moulding machine
Pulp Egg Tray Moulding Machine