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Good news! Last week our customer bought an SL-3*1 model paper pulp tray machine from us. This model can produce 1000 egg trays per hour. Besides, we have a larger capacity egg tray forming machine to meet the demand of larger production.

Why do customers need a paper pulp tray machine?

The customer bought the paper pulp tray machine for his own use. He wanted to start a new project of making egg trays. So the customer sent us an inquiry to buy an egg tray forming machine.

Paper pulp tray machine
Paper Pulp Tray Machine

What are the points that the customer cares about the molded pulp machine?

  1. The output of the paper egg tray machine and the corresponding price. We explained to the customer the model and corresponding output and price of the egg tray making machine, and the customer finally chose the Sl-3*1 egg tray machine by himself.
  2. How long will it take to receive the egg tray forming machine? We need to transport the equipment to Dakar port, the process takes 50 days. Since it is in stock it can help customers save more time.
  3. How to install and use the egg tray pressing machine? After the egg tray machine is ready, we will send the detailed instruction and manual to the customer. If customers still don’t understand, our engineers will guide you by video call.
  4. Can I customize the egg tray machine? Yes, you can ask us any questions you have, we will try our best to meet your individual needs.

The payment method for the egg tray forming machine

We drafted the Alibaba payment link for the customer, and the customer paid 50% deposit through the link.

Types of paper pulp trays

Our egg tray machine can make various shapes of pulp packaging products, and customers can do it by changing molds.