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Paper pulp mold packaging products introduction

Paper pulp mold packaging products refer to products made of pulp through mold molding. Egg trays, fruit trays, teacup trays, shoe trays, and other products produced by the egg tray machine are all pulp molding products.

Paper pulp mold packaging products
Paper Pulp Mold Packaging Products

What paper pulp products can Shuliy produce?

Our egg tray making machine can make various types of egg trays. In addition to egg trays, various packaging products such as fruit trays, egg boxes, shoe trays, coffee trays, wine bottle trays, etc. can also be made by changing the plastic mold. We can customize machine solutions according to the specific situation of customers. Welcome, everyone’s consultation.

Why do you need various pulp-molded products?

  1. Raw materials are readily available. The raw material of this product is all kinds of waste paper.
  2. Waste paper is conducive to recycling resources. Waste paper becomes reusable packaging material.
  3. Paper pulp mold packaging products can accommodate and protect various products, especially during the process of transportation and loading, and unloading.
  4. Compared with other packaging products, the cost of Paper pulp mold packaging products is lower.
  5. Paper pulp mold packaging products can be overlapped, which saves storage area and is convenient for handling and storage.
Pulp-molded product
Pulp-Molded Product

What is the process of making paper pulp trays?

  1. Beating. Firstly, the waste paper is processed into pulp with a certain concentration through a beater.
  2. Molding. The egg tray machine absorbs the pulp on the forming mold for molding.
  3. Dry. Freshly formed egg trays have a lot of moisture and need to be further dried. There are many ways to dry, it can be air dried naturally, or it can be dried by a metal dryer and brick kiln.
  4. Hot pressing. The dried pulp molded products can be further shaped by a hot pressing molding machine. This helps the paper pulp tray to be stronger and more beautiful.
Making process of egg trays
Making Process Of Egg Trays