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The output of the SL-4*4 paper egg tray machine is 3000-3500pcs/h. We have smaller and bigger egg tray making machines. We recommend using the large-capacity paper egg tray making machine with a dryer. This way the egg trays can be dried in time. Our egg tray dryers are metal dryers and brick egg tray dryers.

Reasons for the customer to buy paper egg tray machine?

The customer has opened a paper egg tray machine factory. The factory has been established and now needs to buy the equipment. The customer was recommended by our old customer.

Paper egg tray machine
Paper Egg Tray Machine

What are the main pieces of equipment that the customer bought?

  1. A SL-4*4 egg tray machine.
  2. A brick egg tray dryer.
  3. 20 extra aluminum egg tray molds.

What questions did the customer care about the rotary egg tray machine?

  1. How long can your engineers have free time to install paper egg tray machines in our country?
    The engineer needs about 2 weeks. But we will charge the extra fee.
  2. Payment terms?
    40% as a deposit, when the machine is finished, we will send you photos to confirm, if there is no problem, you pay the balance to us and we will send the machine out.
  3. Production time?
    The paper egg tray machine will take about 30 days, but the extra mold will take about 35 days, so it will take about 35 days in total.
  4. What container is needed to transport the equipment?
    A 40 feet container is needed for the 4*4 brick dryer.
Shipping of the paper agg tray making machine 1 1

5. What else do I need for the size of the equipment and the size of the production site?
We can design according to the size of your dryer: 40m long, 2.5m wide, and height: 2.5-2.8m. The whole egg tray forming system: about 30 square meters are needed.

Size of the production site
Size Of The Production Site

6. What consumables must be brought to the production site in order for the equipment to operate properly?
The electricity consumption of the egg tray forming machine is 54 kWh. The electricity consumption of the dryer is 70 kWh and the gas consumption is 65 m3/hour.

7. Do we still need a list of the work that must be done before the equipment arrives?
Of course, we can send it to you.

8. A list of spare parts for high wear and tear and their prices?
We can send you some spare parts for free. If you want to buy more spare parts, I can send you a list later.

What are the reasons for customers to buy our egg tray machine?

  1. We have a complete range of equipment models. We have various models of egg crate making machines with different output ranges for customers to choose from.
  2. Give customers professional machine answers. We can answer any questions about the egg tray machine.
  3. If customers need it, we will arrange for engineers to go abroad to install the equipment.
  4. Design the equipment installation schematic according to the customer’s specific situation.
Egg crate making machines
Egg Crate Making Machines