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With the development of technology, there are various kinds of egg tray equipment in society now, and egg tray molding machine is one of them. Since the use of egg tray making machines is good for the environment, many people are now using this equipment to make egg trays. So what are the advantages and daily maintenance of egg tray equipment? Let’s find out together.

What are the advantages of an egg tray molding machine?

  1. Our egg tray molding machine is energy saving, smooth running, durable, and maintenance-free for two years.
  2. High output of egg carton making machine, energy saving more than 30 percent. Under the same output, it saves costs and improves efficiency for customers.
  3. This paper egg tray production line is energy-saving, steel single-layer drying, easy to install and practical, and beautiful. The whole production process, no waste water discharge, recycling.
  4. In the egg tray machine production line, the drying system fuel can use various fuels such as natural gas, coal, and oil. Customers can choose according to local conditions. 
Egg tray molding machine
Egg Tray Molding Machine

How do maintain the egg tray making machine every day?

  1. Every day, when shutting down the egg tray machine, you should check whether the corresponding power socket is safe to plug and unplug. After completely shutting down the egg tray machine, its surface should be fully cleaned.
  2. The raw material for making egg tray is actually paper pulp, so when the egg tray machine is producing and processing egg tray, it will inevitably get some paper pulp on the body of the machine. We need to clean the surface of the egg tray body regularly.
  3. The egg tray machine should be placed in a stable and dry environment as much as possible. A good environment is good for the production efficiency and service life of the egg tray machine.