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Congratulations! A customer from Chad bought an SL-4*1 egg tray manufacturing machine from us. This is the smallest model of paper egg tray machine with a capacity of 1500-2000pcs/h. But this small egg tray machine is very suitable to start a new making egg tray business.

Problems faced by egg tray manufacturing machine customer

Since the production of egg trays is a new business, they lack the necessary equipment and expertise. They needed a reliable and efficient egg tray carton making machine to meet their production requirements.

Egg tray manufacturing machine

Shuliy’s paper egg tray machine solution to the customer

After assessing their needs, we recommended our SL-1500 egg tray-making machine. We provided the customer with detailed pictures, videos, and machine specifications of the egg tray machine to help them make an informed decision. In addition to the single molded pulp machine, we also produce an egg tray production line. This line is suitable for the mass production of egg trays at one time. We will recommend the right model and combination of egg tray manufacturing machines according to the specific needs of our customers.

Paper egg tray machine

The final choice of egg carton making machine customers

The customer finally decided to buy our egg carton making machine by comparing several egg tray machines. With the help of our technical team, the machine was delivered to Chad and installed. Now the customer is successfully starting their egg tray production business.


Our SL-1500 egg tray manufacturing machine proved to be the perfect solution for our customers in Chad to start their egg tray production business successfully. We are proud to have been able to provide them with the necessary tools and support to achieve their business goals. And we look forward to serving many more customers in the future with our high-quality machines and excellent customer service.

Packing and shipping of egg tray machine