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A customer from Venezuela has purchased an SL-4*1 egg tray machine for sale. The SL-4*1 paper egg tray machine has a capacity of 1500-2000 PCS/h. As each customer needs a different shape of egg tray, we also support custom-made molds.

Reasons for customer to purchase the egg tray machine for sale

The customer bought the egg tray making machine for sale to make egg trays for his own use. The customer was making egg trays before and now wants to expand his business to make more different shapes of egg trays.

Egg tray machine for sale
Egg Tray Machine For Sale

Machine list

DescriptionType and specificationsQuantity/UnitPictures
Molding machine SL4*1  Semi-automatic egg tray maker
Forming mold 30 piece egg 4 mold  Egg tray mold
Hydraulic pulperSL1.0 1Egg tray pulper
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Packaging and transport of the paper egg tray machine

Shipping of the paper egg tray machine
Shipping Of The Paper Egg Tray Machine

Services Shuliy offers about the egg crate making machine

  1. As there are various shapes of egg trays available in the market, there are also various egg tray molds. In order to meet the needs of different customers, we offer a custom-made egg tray service.
  2. If required, our designers can draw up a detailed layout according to the size of your factory after placing an order, so that you can install the machine smoothly.
  3. Upon delivery of the machine, we will include a complete manual for the assembly and use of the device.
Egg tray molds
Egg Tray Molds