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We have recently successfully delivered an egg carton machine to a chicken farm owner in Sierra Leone. The customer is a chicken farm owner who needs a large number of egg trays or paper trays to package eggs, protect the shells from damage, and ensure the quality of the product. The customer’s needs come from the demand for egg packaging and the importance of product quality.

Machine specifications and usage

The customer ended up purchasing an egg tray forming machine with an output of 2,500 pcs per hour. Machine AdvantagesThis molding machine is capable of efficiently producing egg trays or paper trays to meet the customer’s needs for packaging eggs in large quantities.

The main purpose of the machine is to process cardboard or paper into egg trays that meet specifications and protect eggs from damage.

Egg carton machine advantages

The advantages of this egg tray forming machine include features such as high efficiency, precise molding, and ease of operation.

By purchasing this machine, customers can improve the productivity of egg packaging and ensure the quality and hygiene standards of the products. In addition, the machine is easy to operate and easy to maintain, which can meet the customer’s production needs.

Reasons for purchase and expectations

The customer’s reason for purchasing the egg carton machine is to improve production efficiency and product quality.

As a chicken farmer, the customer needs a large amount of egg packaging materials, and the egg tray molding machine can satisfy his large amount of packaging needs.

The customer expects this machine to automate and standardize the production process, reduce labor costs, and improve the packaging efficiency and quality level of the products.