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Good news! A customer from Cameroon bought an SL-4*1 automatic egg tray machine from us. The customer is in the egg tray-making industry and has an egg tray manufacturing plant. Now he needs a new egg tray machine to expand his production.

The process of the customer buying the automatic egg tray machine

  1. The customer contacted us through Alibaba. He sent us an inquiry for the automatic egg tray machine directly.
  2. Then our sales manager sent the pictures, video, and parameters of the SL-4*1 automatic egg tray machine to the customer.
  3. The customer expressed the need for the price of the machine, we sent the PI to the customer, but the customer thought the price was high.
  4. We couldn’t lower the price of our egg tray machine and recommended the customer buy a smaller size of egg tray machine.
  5. After discussion, the customer and his partner decided to order a single SL-4*1 model egg tray machine.

Payment and shipping of the egg tray machine

The customer paid 30% of the deposit. The customer’s agent is in China, so the payment was made directly in RMB. After we received the deposit, we arranged the production of the machine. After some time, the machine is finished and we send a video of the SL-4*1 egg tray machine to the customer. The customer pays the balance. So then we arrange the packing and shipping of the egg tray machine.

Why do customers choose Shuliy’s egg tray making machine?

  1. We have many models of automatic egg tray machines. Different models have different outputs, so we can meet different customers’ needs.
  2. High-quality service. We will provide all the information related to the automatic egg tray machine to our customers. Help customers answer all kinds of questions.
  3. Good after-sales service. Customers can contact us if they have any problems when they receive the egg tray machine. The Cameroonian customers don’t know how to install the machine after they receive it. We arrange for the technician to teach the customer to install the machine by video.
Commercial egg carton making machine
Commercial Egg Carton Making Machine