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A good paper egg tray making machine can help customers to save even more money. Choosing an egg tray machine often involves considering various aspects. Here is our summary of the points to look for when selecting an egg tray machine.

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The quality of each component of the egg carton making machine

Customers can ask to see the quality of the main components of the egg carton making machine. This is because these core components determine the durability of the egg tray machine and the quality of the final egg tray product. Customers can check whether these components are made by big-name manufacturers.

Egg carton making machine
Egg Carton Making Machine

The dewatering part of the paper egg tray making machine

The dewatering section of the paper egg tray making machine is also very important. The customer can mainly look at the durability of the materials used in the dewatering section. And the quality of the pipes linked to it. If the quality of these two parts is not up to scratch, the dehydration effect of the machine becomes poor and will increase the drying cost of the wolfberry.

Paper egg tray making machine
Paper Egg Tray Making Machine

About the drying equipment

Some customers are buying a whole line of paper egg tray making machine. Therefore, customers also need to consider the drying equipment. The general drying equipment is a metal dryer and a brick kiln dryer. Customers need to consider the material of the equipment when choosing. But in general please condition their quality is not very different. The main consideration for the customer is which drying method to choose. This can be considered according to their fuel and the size of the plant.

Dryer in the egg tray production line
Dryer In The Egg Tray Production Line

Material of the egg tray machine

It is best to use stainless steel for contact surfaces like corrosive pulp. The high-temperature area of drying chooses refractory brick machine 316L stainless steel material. Pulping machine beater sieve low, auger piece choose manganese steel or stainless steel and other wear-resistant materials.

Mold of pulp egg tray maker
Mold Of Pulp Egg Tray Maker

Quality service

In addition to the paper egg tray making machine itself, customers also need to take into account the service of the selling manufacturer. In addition to the service status during the communication process also need to ask about the after-sales service. As the equipment is purchased from other countries, good after-sales service is important. We at Shuliy will give our customers one year of after-sales service and life-long online consultation.

Customer visit us for further cooperation
Customer Visit Us For Further Cooperation